5 content development ideas to increase your online visibility

With millions of websites on the Internet, it becomes quite a task to achieve visibility and attract prospects. Also, with Google updating its algorithm regularly to deliver quality leads for search results, the best way forward is to add premium quality content to your website or blog.

In terms of online marketing, premium quality content refers to content that informs, engages and prompts readers to perform a call to action. This said, with so many websites clamouring for attention, you need to stay ahead of the race by adding content regularly to your website or blog. With so much content to create, it is easy to run out of ideas. The following content development ideas can help you increase your visibility on the Internet.

1. Provide related information

To illustrate with an example, you are marketing your hotel in an area. Now, it may be that people are looking for activities in the place where your hotel is located and not necessarily accommodation. However, if your website hosts content related to the attractions and activities in the area, you will attract indirect traffic to your website. Do the best to unobtrusively let people know what you offer as they look at this type of content on your website.

You can also make people aware of your products and services with messages or a short overview about what you offer at the end of the content page with links to products and services etc.

2. Blog your way to more traffic

No brainer, this but it needs to be mentioned. Blog articles can add content to your website and help increase organic visibility. While you can have a separate blog, it is a good practice to deploy a blog which is part of your website.

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3. Answer client queries through articles

If you are selling copywriting services in India, you can have separate articles for each of the service you provide, for example, marketing copywriting services, web content writing services, or SEO copywriting services. Think from your client’s perspective and then answer all queries in the articles so that the customers understand what is on offer and how they stand to benefit. You can also answer some of the questions you see being asked in your keyword research with relevant articles. Be sure to link the article to the appropriate product or service category pages and announce via your social networks.

4. Develop content around industries/market served

To illustrate with an example, if you are offering copywriting/content writing services, you can target a specific industry, let us say, travel industry. You can post content on your website on travel writing services, which can include developing destination content, tour itineraries or promotional content for hotels, vacation rentals etc. To target a particular industry, search on phrases related to specific markets and make sure to include them in your content.

5. Develop case studies

Case studies not only add to your content portfolio but also show how a client is benefitting from your product or service. These case studies may be found in searches also. Make sure to add summaries about case studies on important product or service pages with links to the full article. This may also help improve conversions.

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