Marketing Copywriting

Each business has a unique requirement and that is why you need a marketing copywriter that tailors each project to your target audience.

We have marketing copywriting specialists on staff who can deliver content to meet your exact needs from a print and promotion perspective. We work closely with you to understand both your business and marketplace. This ensures our marketing copywriting is relevant, targeted and results-driven.

Whether you are planning a promotional leaflet campaign or you require a newsletter or brochure to be written, our marketing copywriters have the experience to craft content that is appealing and clear.

We provide professional copywriting services for companies of any size that require brochure copywriting, direct response copywriting, advertising copywriting or any other form of print or online marketing copywriting.

Specifically our marketing copywriting services fall into the following two categories:

Newsletter and Brochure Copywriting Services

It is true that a picture tells a thousand words, but you still need words, carefully crafted by a professional marketing copywriter to get the point across accurately and succinctly, and with the right sales pitch. Our marketing copywriters will craft any required copy to meet the design requirements of your printed materials from a small leaflet to brochure and newsletter, or catalogues, both for print and ecommerce websites.

Advertising & Direct Response Copywriting Services

Copy written to support direct response campaign or an advert requires very specific skill-set. The copywriter must have the skill to absorb and interpret the key sales messages and then write them in a way to reach the target reader in a language that they understand. Most importantly the copywriter must have an understanding of sales in order to structure the content in such a way as to create initial interest and ultimately to make the reader perform the call to action. Our marketing copywriters have the required experience to deliver the perfect copy for your next direct response or ad campaign.

Our print and online marketing copywriting services include:

* Leaflets

* Brochures

* Newsletters

* Sales letters

* Catalogues

* Presentations (PowerPoint and Flash)

* Company profiles

Whatever your marketing need, we have the words to make it work. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the specifics of your project, please feel free to contact us.

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