6 ways to populate your website or blog with content

To succeed in the online world you need to be visible to your prospects and convert them into customers. With millions of websites clamoring for attention, high quality, relevant, engaging, and informative content can help you stand out of the crowds, attract readers’ attention, differentiate your product, and improve your sales. However, adding content to your website or blog is not a one-time activity. You need to add fresh content regularly to achieve high rankings in organic search and also meet the evolving needs of your prospects.

Here are some ideas to help you populate your website or blog with content.

1. Quality over quantity

Focus on creating fewer, but higher-quality pieces. If you are currently writing five short blog posts a week, consider switching to two meaty ones. The posts should help you establish your reputation as an expert in your industry.

2. Establish your readers’ persona

Figure out exactly who you’re writing your content for. Create content that will answer any question they may have and build their confidence towards your products or services.

3. Compile research

Create posts that are supported by industry statistics and research. These types of posts are great for getting inbound links.

4. Audit your existing posts

Edit and modify your existing posts to make them more relevant to your readers’ needs. You can also repackage the content and ensure that it is optimized and has the keywords at the right places, for instance, headings, titles, paragraphs etc. If you have an infographic, you can also convert it into a blog post. Or, recycle some of your old newsletters by turning them into blog posts.

5. Follow up blog posts

Look through your analytics to identify your top performing posts and then write a follow up post for each of them.

6. Use social media to attract ideas

Participate in social media conversations conversation that’s taking place on social media. For instance, join a few groups on Facebook and see what the fans or followers are discussing. Write a post on a lively debate they are having, summarizing the main arguments and offering a solution or answer. You can also ask your readers, subscribers and social media followers to submit videos, ideas, or images: Choose the best ones and create blog content around them.

We hope that you found these ideas useful. Please be sure to leave your own ideas to this post!

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