10 content ideas to update your website

With almost 9 out of ten companies now using some form of content to attract leads, you can just imagine the sheer volume of content that needs to be created on daily basis. With so much content to create, you may feel you are running out of content ideas for your blog or website.

Ocean Blue Communications, a content writing company in Delhi, suggests the following content marketing tips you can use to ensure that you never run out of ideas again.

1. Quality over quantity

If you are writing three to five short posts on your blog, consider switching to one or two long ones which provide more value to the readers. High-quality content pieces create a greater impact than those that don’t really have a message for the visitors.

2. Identify your readers’ persona

Figure out who exactly you are writing for and then create blog posts, articles, infographics, or webinars that will add to the experience of your website visitors and also cement your reputation as an expert in your industry.

3. Compile statistics and research

Create articles and posts that showcase the latest research findings and statistics. These types of posts are great for attracting inbound links.

4. Controversial posts

There is nothing like a good controversy to attract readers’ attention. However, keep your content piece positive and substantiate your views with facts.

5. Follow up posts

Study your analytics to identify your top three performing posts and then write follow up posts for each one of them.

6. Recycle your blog posts into newsletters

Convert some of your old blogs posts into newsletters and share with your database.

7. Recycle newsletters into blog posts

Recycle some of your old newsletters by turning them into blog posts.

8. Conduct a survey

Reach out to your existing clients and website visitors and conduct a survey related to your products and services. Convert the information gathered into an infographic or blog post.

9. Audit your previous blog posts

Revisit your previous blog posts and rewrite to make them more relevant to today’s audience.

10. Involve your readers

Ask your readers, subscribers and social media followers to submit ideas, videos, or images. Choose the best ones and create blog content around them.
We hope you found these content ideas useful. Please be sure to leave your own ideas at the end of this post!

And as a final word, content creation requires patience and time. If you don’t have an inhouse content writer, you can hire content writing companies or freelance content writers to create content for your business.

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