5 tips to hire freelance content writing services

Content is king of any online advertising campaign. If content writing is not your forte, you can hire a freelance content writer to help you create content and copy for your marketing initiatives. Here are some tips to help you hire a freelance content writer who can deliver the right message to your target audience.

1. Determine the time to hire content writing services

Figure out when it is time to hire a content writer. Generally, firms begin to look for freelance content writing services when the demands of creating content outstrip the ability of the internal team to create it.  As part of your marketing strategy, you may need to create blogs, press releases, newsletters, presentations, whitepapers or other downloadable content.

Any online marketing activity requires consistent supply of fresh content. If you don’t blog regularly or add fresh content to your website at regular intervals, your human audience will lose interest. Also, all the efforts you have put in to improve your page rank in search results will go waste. If you are unable to meet content creation demands, it is time to seek professional content writing services.

2. Start your search for content writing companies

Begin the hunt but where? The Internet offers a wide variety of opportunities. Search terms such as freelance content writers, copywriting services, content writing companies or copywriting companies will throw up a range of results. Don’t pull the trigger yet – before you hire freelance content writers determine which ones are good.

3. Seek the right attributes in the freelance content writers

Before you finalize on a content writer, you must ensure that the person has the right attributes to do justice to your requirements. Here are some attributes that can help you hire a good freelance content writer.

Curiosity: A good freelance content writing company would like to learn as much as possible about you, your company and what you do. If a writer knows it all, seems indifferent or just focusses on getting the project on-board without knowing the subject, you are probably wasting your time, and if you hire, your money.

Ability to meet a deadline: One of the reasons why you want to hire a content writer in the first place is because you want the content to be posted on your blog, website or social media regularly. If the freelance content writer is unable to meet deadlines, you will be missing important opportunities.

Technical proficiency: This is another non-negotiable attribute. A freelance content writer may be creative with the turn of phrase but if the message does not hit home or provides inaccurate information, you would have much to lose.

4. Determine compensation

Payment for freelance content writers typically follows any one of the four formats: by the word, by the hour, by the piece, or an ongoing fee or retainer. Each choice could be right, depending on you and the freelance content writing company. However, in case of creative copywriting, for example, presentations, adverts etc., the freelance copywriter would charge on piece rather than words.

5. Be cautious

The Internet gives you the ability to outsource your content requirements to local writers or writers in all parts of the globe. More and more companies are outsourcing their content requirements to copywriting companies in India because they can benefit from high quality of content but at much lower costs than they would be able to get in their own countries.  However, while outsourcing your work to remote writers, it is advisable to exercise some caution. Ask the freelance content writers to write a simple test assignment. You may also seek references and enquire from them about the quality of services received.


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