How to attract traffic to your blog

Online marketing has emerged as the fastest and most effective medium for businesses to inform and engage with their existing and potential customers. Blogging is integral to an online marketing strategy and is an effective medium to engage with clients to share and exchange views and reviews.

While you can set up a blog in a few easy steps, the real challenge lies in attracting targeted traffic to build readership.  So how can you attract traffic to your blog?

Here are five points that can help you achieve your aim.

Add content to your blog

The need to add high-quality, relevant, informative content can not be over emphasized. Your blog posts should be engaging and written from the reader’s point of view.

There are two purposes of a blog: one is search engine optimization and the other is to attract readers. So while writing a blog post, remember to write from the perspective of the human audience.

This being said, it is important to blend in the keyword phrases but this should be done in a way that they blend seamlessly with the rest of the content. Writing for the search engines may not be a very good idea especially in the face of the fact that search engines are constantly improving their algorithms with the aim to list those sites that have high-quality content.

Provide RSS feeds on your blog

Most blogging platforms offer inbuilt RSS feed options which readers can subscribe to. What this means is that they will automatically receive a message once you add a new post to your blog. An RSS feed is a great way to attract repeat visitors to your website.

Allow email subscription option

An RSS feed is a relatively new concept and not all internet users are familiar with it. For the not-too-tech savvy audience, you could provide an email subscription option as an alternative to an RSS feed.

Post content on other blogs

While it is important to post engaging content on your blog regularly, you could also post content on other relevant blogs. For this, you may need to take permission from the owners. Like you, the others too want good content on their website and so if you can provide an engaging and informative copy, they would allow you to publish on their blog. Posting on other blogs gives you the opportunity to reach a much larger audience.

Post comments on other blogs

Posting a comment on a blog is a great way to interact and share your views on the subject covered. When you post a comment on someone’s blog and if it gets approved, you’ll automatically get a link leading back to your website.

This being said, if you don’t have the time or resources to update your blog with relevant posts on regular basis, you could hire the services of a professional SEO copywriter to do the job for you. You would need to budget for the copywriter in your online marketing strategy but if you get the required traffic and if the traffic results in conversions, every penny would be well spent.

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