How to write effective SEO content in six easy steps

It is hugely important for content marketers to create effective, well-optimized content for their online marketing initiatives. If the content of your website or blog is not search engine optimized, Google and other search engines will rank it low on search engine results pages.

Although you want your content to be discovered by search engines, it is important to keep in mind that you are writing for people and not machines. What you need is a content writer who can craft a creative copy and also optimize it for the search engines. You can choose from several content writing companies in Delhi to help you craft effective SEO content. Should you wish to write on your own, you may find these effective content writing tips useful.

1. Write scannable content

Most web users would rather scan an article first before deciding if it is worth reading. Make it easy for readers to know what the article is about at a glance. Write short paras, use bulleted lists, where possible, and give sub-headings to make the web content scannable.

2. Use effective titles

Your title is the summary of your entire article/web post. Be careful to avoid gimmickry – this could attract people at the beginning but turn them away and prevent them from converting into customers. A good practice is to use 8-10 words in the title, especially if you want the post to be shared on social media sites. And don’t promise anything in the heading that the article does not deliver. That will only serve to irk your readers.

3. Use images to spruce up your content

Add pictures, infographics, slide shows, and videos to your written pieces. Images not only break up the text portion of your article but also make the entire article more visually appealing and interesting.

4. Keep the post short and simple

Web content should not read like long-form essays, so keep your ideas short and to the point. Where ever possible, use lists and numbers to make your post succinct and keep your content and thoughts neat and organized. Lists also help you keep your on point and so you can focus on the topic and keywords.

5. Use keywords strategically

Identify your keywords or in other words, know what people are searching for in relation to your content. Use those keywords/phrases in key content areas, such as your headline, first paragraph, meta tags, and meta description. But be careful not to overdo it!

6. Make your content easily sharable

You may have published a brilliant piece that is informative and optimized for search engines.  Yet, if your content isn’t being shared, it’s not nearly as effective. Make sure your site includes social sharing buttons for all of the major social media channels.

Writing effective content that is palatable to both humans and search engines demands special skills. If you are unfamiliar with the ways of the search engine spiders or the behaviour patterns of your web content readers, you can hire the services of a content writing company or freelance content writer to create effective SEO content for your business.

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