5 ways to add fresh content to your website

To maintain a consistent following of readers, add fresh content to your website. A well written, search engine optimised content can help you rank high on organic search and drive traffic to your website. Your web content should appeal both the human audience and the search engine spiders.  

The subject matter of content, and the way it is presented are of great importance. When an article is written simply with SEO in mind and no thought is given to its continuity, it will be of little help to building your domain authority. It is important to write articles that are search engine optimised but it is more important to engage the interest of the readers. To optimize content, add the right keywords throughout the text, and also use them in headlines and title tags for search engine spiders’ consumption.

There are different ways to add fresh content to your website. Here are five of them.

1 Video: You can drive traffic through the use of video marketing and optimisation. To make a video, start with keyword research and then decide the topic that your audience would be interested to know more about. Optimise the videos with compelling titles and also add description and meta tags.

2 Infographics: Creative infographics can be used to show your site visitors an interesting take on a set of data. To add infographics, you could work with a designer to execute your idea. Also, remember to include SEO rich copy on the page where your add infographics,

3 Webinars: You can strengthen your brand through webinars. For this you can use presentation software, like PowerPoint or a video sharing program.

4 Blog Posts: Blog posts are great for search engine optimisation and engaging with your audience.

5 White paper or free guide: If you don’t have the resources, you can outsource to a freelancer who is an expert at writing educational pieces.

If you don’t have the time or in-house expertise to write content, you can hire professional copy writing services to create SEO optimised, engaging, informative and creative content that will drive traffic and boost sales.


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