Advantages of hiring a freelance copywriter

Content is the king of any online marketing strategy. And as content marketing takes centre stage it becomes imperative for companies to provide useful, informative, and relevant content to their prospective clients, in order to communicate and engage with them.

If you don’t have the necessary expertise or are challenged for time, you can hire the services of a copywriter. The question arises should you hire an in-house copywriter or a freelance copywriter? Here we state the case for a freelance copywriter.

A freelance content writer offers more flexibility

If you cannot afford to hire commit to an inhouse one, then a freelance content writer is a good option. Even if you can afford to hire a copywriter, you might want to match different copywriters to different projects, scale your content writing resources up and down, or get fresh perspectives for your own text. Finally, you may not have a steady stream of work for your inhouse writers to fit a ten-to-six role.

Of course you also have the option of using someone with another role to double up as a copywriter, or write your own stuff. The problem with this is every day work will keep getting in the way and the content will never be produced.

It has generally been observed that even marketing managers find it hard to give copywriting the time and importance it needs. And as with everything else, compromised commitment leads to compromised results.

Freelance copywriter can bring in fresh perspective which is different, refreshing and revealing.

Diversity of ideas

Freelance copywriters work with different clients and are exposed different ideas and different approaches to their work. They can repurpose or adapt their diversified experience to your line of work. With time, freelance writers gain experience in more and more sectors, which is why choosing an experienced freelance copywriter can prove to be worthwhile.

Retention of learning

It could be that you hire a content writer and then train the person to suit your business and retain the ownership of the writing know-how. However, your inhouse content writer can leave anytime. If this happens, you lose all the company-specific experience you had imparted and also the technique that the person had developed. Worse still, the content writer may take the knowledge straight to your competitor.

Commitment to quality

You might expect that a person outside your organization to care less about it than some one who is part of it. However, a freelance content writer depends on positive reviews and good referrals and so it becomes all the more important for him/her to deliver. Freelance copywriters are only as good as the last job which is why for them each assignment counts. Professional freelance writers work hard to keep their client relationships strong and stable.

I hope I have argued convincingly in favour of freelance content writers– working with a freelance content writer means that you can tap into more enriched experience and be sure that you get high quality content within the timelines.


5 thoughts on “Advantages of hiring a freelance copywriter

  1. I am absolutely in accordance with your eceptionally informative insights covering in-depth aspects of a freelance copywriter. This excerpt is really encouraging and should be considered in a right perspective.

  2. You are quite right. Freelancers are economical, and have more exposure than those in-house workers, who are limited to a 9-5 working frame. Great post.

  3. hi

    I completely agree to you. One should hire a freelancer for content , simply because one should let the expert do his job and do what you are good at yourself.

    You rightly mentioned this point about diversity of ideas that freelancers have – as they are exposed to different clients from different geographies. Thumbs up to the post

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