How to choose a copywriting company in India

Content is king in any online marketing initiative. And as the world goes online, the need for high quality content has grown manifold. In any online media, content plays the role of a sales person that showcases your products, highlights its USPs and motivates prospects to make a sale. It is therefore important to ensure that your content speaks the language of your brand, communicates the benefits of your offerings, builds confidence, and inspires the prospects to convert into customers.

To meet your content and copywriting demands, you can hire the services of copywriting companies in India. While you may find high quality native writers, there are many advantages of hiring copywriting services in India.

Benefit of cost

India is one of the world’s largest outsourcing destinations. When you outsource copywriting services to India, you can access to highly qualified professionals at about one third the cost of what you would need to pay in your own country.

Benefit of skills and expertise

Most major multinational companies, Fortune 500 companies and corporate organizations from across the globe have their offices in India. Professional copywriters that have worked in these companies understand the cultural backdrop of their clients and are well-equipped to provide customized content and copywriting services that meet the requirements of the international audience.

When you hire copywriting services in India you benefit from high quality content solutions that are provided at a cost which is much lesser than what you would get in your own county.

How to choose a copywriting company in India

Depending on your content requirements, you can hire freelance copywriting services at hourly, project, or retainer basis.

Enter the terms copywriting companies in India, or even copywriting companies in Delhi, and the search engines will provide you links of websites providing copywriting services.

Browse through the websites of these companies and study their content. Does the website content evoke trust? Are you satisfied by the tone, style and presentation? Is it professionally written and does the content convey a specific message?

Most copywriting companies would have listed their clients and their testimonials. You can also study these testimonials to get a sense of the feedback the company has received.

Also spend some time understanding the services the content or copywriting company in India is offering. For instance, you may be looking for technical content but the copywriting company in question may or may not specialize in technical content.

Also, you may want content for a range of marketing activities, for instance, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, presentations, scripts etc. Try to understand what services the copywriting company in India provides. In all probability, the service section pages of the website of the company would address these questions. Otherwise, you can note down your queries and ask the company representatives at a later stage.

If you are satisfied with the information provided on the website on the copywriting company in India, you can initiate conversation with them via phone or email. Ask as many questions as possible from the company representatives to understand their services and also the clients they have served. A genuine copywriting company in India would be happy to share references of past clients. You can talk to these clients to further build your confidence.

Discuss your project requirement with the copywriting company in India and see if they have prior experience in your industry. While prior experience is an advantage, a copywriting company with good research skills should be able to do justice to your project even if they have no prior industry experience.

Also, discuss the workflow – will the copywriting company share work in progress or only once it is complete? Also, how many revisions would the quote include?

Finally, discuss the payment terms. How does the copywriting company in India accept payment from the international clients, for instance via PayPal or bank transfer, or by some other means. Does the company charge an advance and is it ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Once you are sure on every count, go ahead and hire a copywriting company in India and like other companies across the globe, benefit from cost and high quality work delivered within the budget and timeline.


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