How to write effective headlines for your blogs

If you have been following online marketing trends closely, you would have heard of the term ‘content marketing’. As the term suggests, this new form of marketing focusses on content and more so on the company blog.

Just in case your company blog is failing to attract readers it is probably you have been publishing blogs with weak, unclear or self-promotional headlines. Your headline is the first and most important reason why visitors to your website will or will not read a post. Sources suggest that 80 percent of readers never make it past the blog post’s title.

Ocean Blue Communications, a content writing company in Delhi, recommends the following tips to craft effective headlines for your blog posts and articles. A good headline sets clear expectations in the reader’s mind. They will get some idea of what they can expect on reading your post.

To craft an effective headline, first understand the habits of the potential and existing customers you want to target with your blog. What problems are these people trying to solve? What search terms are they using? For example, they’re probably searching for “SEO copywriting tips” instead of “About SEO.”
Good headlines should set clear expectations for your readers. The best headlines are those that are numbered, reader-addressing or follow the how-to format.

Studies have found that 36% prefer number-based headlines, 21% prefer reader-addressing headlines, and 17% prefer how-to headlines. Here are examples of each.

Numbered headlines for blog posts:

• 5 tips to create a good headline
• 10 steps to write a press release
• 7 step guide to cleaning your kitchen
• Ways to Fix a Broken Window

Reader-addressing headlines

• Tips to help you create an engaging blog post
• Yoga exercises that will help you lose weight
• Marketing tweets you can use to engage your readers

How to format for creating headlines

• How to clean your garage
• How to polish the mirror
• How to attract followers on Twitter

Try these variations out of headlines and see what attracts more clicks, comments, tweets, likes and shares. However, keep in mind that your content must live up to the expectations that your headline has generated. A great headline won’t generate more engagement if the body of a post isn’t helpful, informative or entertaining.

We hope that you found these tips useful. Good luck!

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