Quality content sites better at engaging customers than social media sites

The best way to engage with consumers online is to advertise in websites offering quality website content. This is one of the findings of a study from the Association of Online Publishers (AOP).

The study titled ‘The New Rules of Engagement’ shows that engagement and ad responsiveness are stronger for original content sites than social networks or portals.

The association conducted the study to examine how advertising and responsiveness vary across different types of sites. It found that web users are almost twice as likely to trust ads and brands on original content sites as on social media sites.

The research, conducted in collaboration with GfK NOP, used a sample of 1,340 interviews conducted via an online UK panel during October. Three-fifths of those surveyed (59%) trust advertising on content sites (categorised as UK newspaper sites, UK commercial TV and radio sites, UK magazine sites and trade/business publication sites), while almost half (48%) trust advertising on portals such as MSN and Yahoo. Just 39% trust advertising on social networks.

The research underlines how good website copy and content can have a positive impact of building trust and engaging with customers. It also emphasizes the fact that the Internet should not be used as a cesspool for filling up articles to satisfy search engines and that ultimately it is informative, original and well written website copy that can build credibility and trust.

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