SEO copywriting tips: Reduce the bounce rate of your website with quality content

One interesting aspect of web analytics is the bounce rate, which is defined as the percentage of web site visitors who arrive at an entry page on your web site, then leave without visiting any other pages.

Most SEO specialists would agree that a higher bounce rate means lower engagement and vice versa. However, there is another interpretation for a high bounce rate, which is that people found what they wanted on the landing page and didn’t feel the need to explore the other web pages. While this is true, businesses usually prefer the visitors to go through the other web pages also, just in case they find other products or services equally interesting or they mark the information for future use.

So the effort should be to aim at a lower bounce rate. This can be achieved by ensuring that the content on your website is relevant, engaging and informative.

The need to provide relevant web page content can not be over emphasized. While writing web content, SEO copywriters need to think from the readers’ perspective and then answer all the questions that they might have. Relevant content can also be described as something that is easy to understand and not too high on technical terms, and written in the language that the readers speak. If

The second thing is to provide enough content. Now, the ideal length of a web page is debatable. Instead of focusing on the number of words, an SEO copywriter should focus on expressing what needs to be expressed. Or in other words, the thought process and the information should be complete so the reader is not left with unanswered questions.

With this said, if you have to write a lengthy article, it is better to break it down into small paragraphs and use bulleted points, where ever possible. Also, make sure to give subtitles and include relevant keywords in them.

One of the reasons visitors leave a landing page is that the information presented there is inaccurate, irrelevant or outdated. Therefore, it is necessary to keep updating your website with fresh content. This is not just to give updated information to your visitors and thereby reduce the bounce rate . Fresh web content is also fodder for the search engines and so the more content you add, the higher the chances of your site showing up in search results.

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