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Premium copywriting services offered by Ocean Blue Communications are aimed at providing unique and optimized content written specifically to your brief and delivered in a format of your choice. We offer experienced services in Website Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, Advertising Copywriting & Marketing Copywriting..


A guide to SEO copywriting

There is no mystery to producing good copy for the web. All you need is an understanding of your audience, a reasonable vocabulary to communicate, and […]

4 tips to create content for your marketing agency

For SEO and online marketing, content is king. In fact, content, in any form, be it articles, blogs, webinars, podcasts, e-newsletters or brochures, is the foundation […]

SEO copywriting tips: Reduce the bounce rate of your website with quality content

One interesting aspect of web analytics is the bounce rate, which is defined as the percentage of web site visitors who arrive at an entry page […]

SEO copywriting tips: Google’s new update on snippets

Google is all set to roll out a new improvement to snippets to ensure that the web content pages that show up in search results are […]

Computer generated content versus content from content farms

 Adding fresh content to your website is one of the most recommended ways to achieve higher rankings on search engines. It is little wonder then content […]

Does your web content have the required links?

If done right, your web copy will ensure traffic from relevant sources, which naturally means, higher conversion rates.

Basics of blog writing

Blog in its basic form can be compared to an online journal in which a writers express their personal thoughts, comments and observations. While some blogs […]