7 qualities of a good copywriter

A good copywriter is one who is a good communicator or one who can weave words to create mental images, project the benefits of a product or service, and entice the reader to take action or endorse his/her point of view.

Copywriters or online content writers are different from other writers in that the copy they create is not to entertain, report, or tell a story – rather it is to sell and persuade – and if no measurable action results, then a copywriter’s job is not really done.

So what are the qualities of a good copywriter? Here I have identified the following seven.

Creative: A good copywriter can examine almost any subject from different perspectives in order to give the copy the right tone and the right message.

Good communicators: They can pinpoint the key benefits of a particular product or service and have the ability to express them clearly, concisely, and in a tone that is appeals to the target audience.

Smart: Great copywriters have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, an unstoppable curiosity about how things work, and they like to research each subject thoroughly.

Congenial: They are empathic to the needs of the people and can quickly recognize both ends of an argument. They have remarkable observation abilities and are fascinated in what makes them tick.

Trendy: They love to stay up to date and keep their eyes open all the time to actively search for new trends and interesting fields.

Good readers: Copywriters not only love to read books but also content written by other copywriters to actively study a wide variety of styles.

Disciplined: Professional copywriters are able to multitask. They are also detail oriented and always keep their deadlines.

As a closing note, a good copywriter is one who is at all times, open to learning and flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of a changing audience.

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