Content writing best practices: Before you start to write

Great content writing is as much about preparation and planning as it is about writing. Here are some tips from Ocean Blue Communications, a content writing company in Delhi, to help you do the ground work.

  1. 1.       The goal of your writing

As a content writer, your goal is for your reader to respond. The response can take a variety of forms. Examine the broad objectives of your content marketing strategy and then identify the specific goal of the piece you plan to write.

  1. 2.       Think from your reader’s perspective

In any content marketing strategy, the goal of the content is to motivate the readers to perform a call-to-action. Think what they would like to know about the product or service and compile a list of benefits to include.

  1. 3.       Know the turf

Where will your reader find your content? Will it by via email, newsletter, website, blog or social media. Each medium differs from the other and so while writing content keep the channel to promote in mind. Also consider factors such as is the communication a one way street? Is it a first time greeting or a regular follow up? To a degree, you should focus on where, when and why factors to increase the relevance of your content.

  1. 4.       Message of your content

Businesses are using content to build their brand and give a visual identify for their offerings. It’s vital to have a brand story. And it’s vital each chapter you write supports it.

  1. 5.       Set the tone

Message your voice and language that best resonates with your target audience. Also, match the tone to the product, for instance if it is lifestyle product, word-play will work. If it is a medical product, a more formal tone would be appropriate.

  1. 6.       Study the competition

Do some digging on the internet to get a good sense of what your competition is doing and in what space. Identify your market’s most influential individuals, publishers, companies and organizations. Familiarize yourself with their tactics and tone. This will help you identify how you’re going to tell a unique story.

Finally, content writing for the web requires a special skill set. A web content writer has to satisfy the search engine spiders and satisfy your human audience. If you don’t have an inhouse content writer, you may wish to consider hiring professional content writing services to do justice to your content marketing strategy.


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