Copywriting tips: How to write good copy for your website

Website copywriting plays an important role in educating your visitors, informing about your products and services, presenting your values and above all directing people to take action. Ocean Blue Communications, a copywriting company in Delhi, offers some tips to help you create high quality copy for your website.

Understand the purpose of website content

Website content should satisfy a specific goal.  List the tangible goals of your web content so that you can measure their impact. To illustrate with an example, your goal is to motivate the reader to make a purchase. The web content should introduce the product, list its benefits, and showcase how it is better than other such products available in the market. The content should also inspire the reader to read about your other products or make a purchase.

Use metrics to measure impact of web content

Once you have a tangible goal in mind, you can measure its success through metrics. For instance, your analytics will tell you how many people visited the page, how long they stayed on it and how many actually navigated to the product purchase page etc.  If the bounce rate of the web content page is high, it means that you should revisit the content and further improve the message.

Maintain consistency in your web content

The web content should support the overall content strategy in terms of the marketing messages, tone and style. In other words, it should support your marketing message you deliver along other platforms and speak the language of your brand. Also, the web content writer should maintain a consistent style and tone across all web pages. If one page is conversational and the next is formal, it can break the rhythm and put people off. If you have multiple contributors to the website, you can have a style guide so that they write in a way that strengthens your brand.


While writing web content, make it easy for people to take relevant actions. Ensure strong visual signposts for key calls to action. Within the content, text link to appropriate action pages, for example, retailers should link to products where possible to encourage product viewing and adding to basket.


Copy that has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors looks clumsy and sends the wrong message about your brand. If you can’t be bothered about ensuring the quality of your web copy, how effective would be the services you provide?


Make sure you think through what your customers would want to read and how it can help them make decisions during the buying cycle. You could run a quick customer poll or survey to identify opportunities for new content and also analyse analytics to identify pages with higher bounce rate.

Update web content

Writing copy for the web is not a one-off exercise, for several reasons. Firstly, your business and customer base will evolve over time, so your copy needs to adapt to reflect this. Secondly, life is not static, so you will need to build and modify your web content to cater for the demands of a heterogeneous audience. Thirdly, not every bit of copy you write will hit the nail at the first go – in this case, you will need to use web analytic tools to identify which pages are driving traffic and those with a high bounce rate. And then of course, there is SEO, a source of much heated debate, which has to be catered for.

Optimise for SEO

Web content has to satisfy two different audiences: one, the human audience and second, the search engine spiders who would find it relevant enough to list in search results when people search for your product or service. However, if the copy is over-optimized for keywords, it will put off your readers. So a web content writer has to create copy in a way that a balance is maintained and both the search engines and human readers find what they are looking for without trespassing in each other’s space.

As is clear from the discussion, web content has to play the role of an effective sales person. Besides, it also has to keep the search engine spiders satisfied so that they showcase your offerings to the readers who are looking for your products and services. It is therefore important to hire professional content writing services from a content writing company who has on board writers who not only have creative writing skills but are also well-versed with best SEO practices.

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