How an SEO Copywriter can make all the difference to your website

An SEO copywriter can add value to your website by producing content that is relevant enough to ensure conversions and has the right context for search engine rankings.

The success of a website depends on a number of factors working together harmoniously. First, the design should be pleasing enough to attract attention. The site architecture and navigation should be logical and easy to follow. The of course the subject or nature of your business should have a solid niche market or a wide appeal.

Underpinning all these factors is content. A good design without relevant and interesting content is flawed. A good architecture without guidelines is ineffective. A subject or business without the right tone, the right voice fails may not bring about conversions.

So it is good, relevant content that can help you get your message across such that your visitors understand what you offer and more important help you to convert.

Whatever your definition of a conversion is — a newspaper sign up, a sale, or a new client—content has to the power to achieve it.

Engaging your visitors with content

Your home page should not only welcome your guests but should leave no doubt as to what your offerings are. They can then explore the details of these offerings in further pages. With this being said, it is also important to realize that the home page is not the only entry point to your website. A properly optimized site for search engines is one whose each page can rank for its own keywords and phrases. In other words, each page is a miniature site and should be optimized as such. It is here that SEO copywriters can help. Good copywriters don’t only understand the importance of engaging an audience but are able to optimize each page and give its own unique character.

Style and tone of content

To explain this with an example, consider your site has a product page. The purpose of the page is solely to achieve a sale. Content therefore can play a pivotal role in convincing the users to buy the product here and now. On the other hand, an About Us page has nothing to sell but it is an important platform to build trust and confidence in your offerings. It goes without saying the tone or language would need to be very different. Similarly the writing style has to be adapted to suit the purpose of the website.

An SEO copywriter can add value to your website by identifying the core purpose of each page and then writing content that is optimized to enable search engines to contextualize it. The content can also guide visitors to an intended call to action, which can be to make a purchase, go to another page for more information, contact your sales representative etc).

Writing for search engines and humans

A well-written website should be able to fulfill the dual purposes of inspiring confidence in users as also ranking high in search engines. A well-versed SEO copywriter knows how much to write, how to write and format, and how and where to present key points so as to get maximum benefits for a website.

Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to balance between the two goals — understanding what the search engines are looking for and keeping the audience engaged. Using too many keywords or following antiquated SEO theories can ruin the relevance for visitors. So a good SEO copywriter can provide content that is mindful of SEO keywords and is also guided by the needs of the audience.

Search engine spiders will not be able to appreciate your imagery and other visual trickery. They will, however, be able to identify and go by your site architecture, link structure and content. From these, they will identify and derive the search terms to rank and position you in relation to other competing sites.

Ensuring rankings and conversions

To conclude, without good content your site will struggle to appear on search engine results. A good SEO copywriter will not only ensure that you are seen but use keywords and synonyms to attract highly targeted traffic to your website. They will provide your website with a voice that can reach out to visitors and demand their attention. Ultimately they will help you achieve the aim of your business.

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