How to get the best value from your web copy

It goes without saying that producing relevant content is important not just for site optimization but also to improve user experience and drive conversion. This article looks at how you can make the most of two types of web content, that is, information pages and blogs.

Information pages

Your web copy should be carefully nurtured.

  • Through CMS, create a logical architecture such that related guides and articles are well integrated with the product pages.
  • You can also consider creating a knowledge base that acts as a hub for all value added content.
  • Integrate the content into the website such that the end-users are able to access it when they search for a specific product or service.
  • You can add downloadable versions of content, for example, a pdf format for consumers who may like to read it offline.
  • Provide RSS feeds to enable customers to subscribe to receive information they are interested in. This would help you segment content distribution based on interest.
  • Post articles on article submission site such as Ezine articles, Buzzle, Hubpages etc.
  • Do remember to post links for articles on your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to inform your customers about what is new as also to ask for feedback.


If you have got something valuable to say that could prove useful to your customers, a blog is a good way of engaging and maintaining a relationship with them.

  • Post links to your blog on all your social profiles.
  • Use an RSS feed to inform your registered users of updated content.
  • Ensure that social bookmarking is available on each post that you write.
  • Encourage loyal customers and friends to talk about and share the blog through their social networks.
  • Distribute your blog link to your PR contacts and request them for a link back to your website.


  • Optimize the website copy with relevant search keywords to help search engine ranking. However, don’t overstuff them into the text and kill user experience.
  • Provide social bookmarking tools to help users share the experience
  • Promote your articles through external channels such as article directories. Make sure to embed tracking parameters to URLs to enable website traffic to be tracked via analytics.
  • Measure the impact of your content by tracking clicks and interactions through web analytics. This will give you an insight into what content best suits your online goals.

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