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Premium copywriting services offered by Ocean Blue Communications are aimed at providing unique and optimized content written specifically to your brief and delivered in a format of your choice. We offer experienced services in Website Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, Advertising Copywriting & Marketing Copywriting..


Product page copywriting: How to write great sales copy for product descriptions

While product page designs have improved over the years, product page copywriting still seems to be a neglected area. It has generally been observed that people […]

Advantages of outsourcing content writing services

By outsourcing your content writing needs, you can give the much-needed boost to your business. Outsourcing your content requirement lets you focus on what you do […]

Inhouse copywriter or a freelance copywriter?

A freelance copywriter or an inhouse one? Since I am a freelance copywriter, it is obvious which side of the debate I am on. That said, […]

SEO copywriting tips: Google’s new update on snippets

Google is all set to roll out a new improvement to snippets to ensure that the web content pages that show up in search results are […]

Computer generated content versus content from content farms

 Adding fresh content to your website is one of the most recommended ways to achieve higher rankings on search engines. It is little wonder then content […]

Good copywriting key to advertising

Online marketing is set to dominate this year and is likely to give rise to a huge demand for good copywriting services. As one industry expert […]

How to get the best value from your web copy

It goes without saying that producing relevant content is important not just for site optimization but also to improve user experience and drive conversion. This article […]

Small businesses hiking online advertising spend driven by content

The latest report from Webvisible indicates that the advertising spend of small and mid sized businesses is on the rise, up 160 percent from last year, […]