Product page copywriting: How to write great sales copy for product descriptions

While product page designs have improved over the years, product page copywriting still seems to be a neglected area.

It has generally been observed that people simply place the manufacturer’s product descriptions on the web pages. While this process is easier, a more personal touch and the right sales pitch in product description copywriting can help the product pages stand out and really sell their benefits.

Why product page copywriting matters

SEO benefits: Customized product descriptions allow you to provide more text and keywords for search engines to index. While many of your competitors are using the same manufacturer’s descriptions, you can optimize your product descriptions sales copy to stand out in search engine result pages.

Conversions: Then there is the psychological factor at play. Just the sense that a real human being has written a sales-driven product copy inspires more faith and sets the website apart from the rest of the competition.

So what makes for a great product page copy?

Though there is no hard and fast rule for products copywriting, it should be able to fulfill the following parameters.

Uniqueness: The copy of the product descriptions should be unique to the particular website. Customers will appreciate that the page and its contents focus on the information related to the product they are searching for. As said above, the product description copy should also be search engine optimized so that the page is visible to the potential customers.

Convey knowledge of the product: If the reader gets a sense that the copywriter knows the product well, then this makes the copy all the more trustworthy.

Maintain a balance with keywords: Retailers definitely wish to ensure that their target keywords are woven into the product descriptions, but if there is overstuffing, visitors will be put off. A professional copywriter should be able to add the keywords without making them very obvious.

Formatting: Product descriptions should be easy to read. Customers don’t want too much text that makes information hard to scan or digest. The better option is to use short paragraphs, bullet points, and images that make the copy more appealing. If there is technical information involved, it is best put in a tabular form.

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