Use copywriting services to develop your brand

Your brand tells the promise, essence and story of your business. Your business brand is the way you position yourself in the mind of your prospects. Content creation which was recently ranked as the most effective SEO technique is now seen as the most powerful tool for developing the brand voice of a company.

Here are some steps to help you develop your brand voice through content creation and marketing.

  1. 1.       Build a strong foundation

Content marketing is all about creating, distributing and sharing free content with an aim to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Your brand should be about trust – with this in mind, produce and share content that educates and motivates your prospects to make an informed decision. Before building your brand, lay a strong foundation. In other words, build trust of your prospects because once you have their trust, they will be more eager to engage with you.

Remember that over 2 million blog posts are published everyday which means that the online audience has a huge choice of what to read. Given the high level of information overload, make sure that your content brands you in a way that helps you stand out of the crowd.

  1. 2.       Create a visual identity

The story of your brand can be conveyed visually through your logo, design, color and packaging. Besides it can also be created verbally or, how you talk, your tone and style, and the message you convey. For example, do you set yourself apart from competition by price or value? Does your company adopt a more formal tone, is authoritarian, or uses a more playful tone in the copy? Ideally, your visual and verbal promises should align with your product. The copy should build your brand in a way that it conveys the right message and is heard above the din in a crowded marketplace. Your prospects should be able to know, like and trust you when the need for your product arises.

Here are a few tips to consider while creating a copy that piques interest, builds a relationship and stands out from the crowd.

List benefits

Your customers don’t care about you – they care about what is in it for them. For instance, how will the product or service make their life better, family safer, business more successful, body healthier or the bottom line bigger? Your website content should be written from the customer’s point of view – your sentence should start with you get instead of we offer.

Create a vision

Produce content that creates a vision for what life will be like when your prospects use your products or services. Substantiate your claims by providing relevant proof points on your website. And as mentioned in the point above, make your messaging is about them and not you.

Deliver what you promise: While creating content for your marketing, don’t over promise. Make sure to back up the benefits with proof points, which apart from your actual features, can also be industry statistics, press accolades, awards, customer testimonials or specific studies. When you make a brand promise to your prospects, ensure that you deliver. Perceptions matter and with competition around, people will rarely give a second chance.

  1. 3.       Promote your content wisely

While creating content for your website and other online content marketing initiatives, keep in mind that there is a thin line between making your audience aware of your products and spamming them with links to your latest blog posts. Find out which channels your audience is most active and promote your content through them. Using social media tools, identify what days and times your followers are most active and when the previous content you promoted was most successful. Use this information to schedule your content distribution.

  1. Be human

The message of your copy should speak directly to the person reading it. Your audience could be whimsical, formal, conservative or playful. To create a powerful brand, speak in the language that your audience understands.

A strong messaging builds a strong brand. To get the message right, you need the services of a copywriter who can create a visual identity for your brand. In case, you don’t have inhouse copywriters, you can hire the services of freelance copywriters or copywriting companies in India to produce content that speaks the language of your brand.



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