Web content writing tips: 5 ways to write links that work

You can use internal and external links in your web content. According to SEO best practices, internal links should open in the same window while external links should open in another window. Here are some tips for creating links that work.

1.       Avoid ‘click here’

The ‘click here’ does not add any value to your web content. The term seems to ask the readers to take an action without specifying what they would get from it. In fact, most readers scan through a web page without even seeing links that read ‘click here’ because they lack semantic context. Your link should reach out and grab your readers’ attention and tempt them to click on the link.

Some tips for creating web page links that work.

Studies have shown for links to work, they should:

  • Provide information even if read out of context
  • Explain what the link offers
  • Not be a verb phrase
  • Be brief and meaningful

2.       Links that provide information

Your links should blend with the content of your webpage. Or in other words, they should be part of the flow. Usually the links are highlighted in some bright or contrasting color to stand out from the rest of the text.  But if the links say ‘click here’ your readers will just hit the back button.

3.       Accurate links

The link should give the readers an idea of what they are going to get by clicking on the link. You don’t need to get into the details but a link that reads copywriting services in India shouldn’t take your customers to a web designing company.

4.       Brief and meaningful links

Limit the words of the links to 2 to 5 at the most. Linking several sentences or paragraphs seems more like someone forgot to close the link tag.

5.       Don’t repeat the obvious

Your readers don’t care to know how to do the obvious. Most of them will know that a hyper link will lead to another web site so saying something like go to the web content writing services page to know about the services on offer just repeats the obvious.


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